If you are wondering what qualities make for a good project manager, read on. Good Project Manager

1. Natural Leaders

Good project managers are natural leaders and tactful at dealing with situations. They are adept at dealing with conflicts and often exercise their consensus building skills in times of need. They always keep fairness in mind and are good team players. They don’t use their knowledge and information to hijack the limelight and share all the information with their team to work together for the project’s success.

2. Efficiency

They know their role as a project manager and are good at asking questions and listening patiently to their client at the same time. A good project manager has the knowledge and skills to know what to note and what to ignore. They adhere to a pre-planned communication schedule and keep the communication lines open for an efficient and timely response from all concerned parties. They would also sit down from time to time to set, observe or re-evaluate the project priorities.

3. Knowledge of various fields

Good project managers not only have skills in project management, but also possess a deep understanding and knowledge of various fields. They would always have a good insight on the subject and be able to give prompt and useful feedback when asked. At the same time, they realise their limitations and are open to suggestions and ideas to expand their knowledge.

4. Extensive personal network

Often good project managers have to rely on an extensive personal network, both inside and outside of the firm. What makes them different from ordinary ones is their ability to understand the value of their employees. They don’t patronize their employees, treating them with respect and are always open to their views and suggestions. They’d look for each individual’s strengths and build on it to focus on long-term success. They know and accept any mistakes and take it as part of the learning curve, encouraging and celebrating the success of their employees.

5. Charisma

They act as a pillar of strength for the team and also their biggest fan. They would make sure that the board recognizes the efforts of the employees. They like what they do and are not intrigued by the tasks at hand. They strive to expand their knowledge by taking up additional courses and always keep themselves up to date with the advances. They relish their job!

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