Organising a seminar may take up most of your time, but publicising it is equally important. Publicise your own seminar

You wouldn't want to waste time and money on some empty seats now, will you? Here are a few tips to push your seminar through to the right audience:

1. Have a LinkedIn profile and your own LinkedIn group where you can invite your contacts to come in and join on the discussion, much before the actual seminar. You would need to get the conversation started before the event.

2. Create an event for the seminar through a seminar booking website, such as Eventbrite. It will help your attendees to easily reserve their seats and print their passes, without emailing you back and forth.

3. Send your contacts a personalised email about the seminar, letting them know what it is going to be about and how will they benefit from attending it. Also include a link to reserve their seats (i.e. Eventbrite).

4. Think if you can get any other experts in the subject to come and talk at the seminar. This will give your seminar more credibility as well as more publicity through the other speakers.

5. Tweet about the seminar and send information about it to anyone who might be interested, don't spam bomb though! Keep it short, sweet and personal.

6. Create a landing page on your website that informs about the seminar. Alternatively, you can be creative with a micro-site to show that the seminar would be fun and interesting to attend.

7.0 Partner with any other businesses or freelancers that might be into the same field of work as you, but are not your competitors. Advertise through them.

8. Make the seminar look exclusive and an opportunity not to be missed. Charge for attendance if you have to. Remember that there are less 'No Shows' when people pay to attend.

9. You should give away a few complimentary tickets to bloggers to write about it. It's a good way to fill up the empty seats as well as use it to market your next seminar.

10. Attend other similar seminars and meet people to network. Once you are out there, you'd get the hang of it.

Even if it may be your first time, remember that it's only first till your next crime! And for any help in reserving a place for your seminar, just give us a call.

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