Some may think that hiring a PA is a luxury, however, a good PA can help you save precious time and money. Good PA

You should hire a PA if you think you can’t keep on top of your obligations and you need someone to manage them for you.

When you are looking to hire a PA, you should follow the following steps:

  • Make a list of all the tasks that take up your time and energy and you could have someone else manage them for you.
  • Draw up a job description for your PA, detailed and clear for every mundane task that they need to look after.
  • Place your ad with a newspaper. What about using online sources like Gumtree: wider reach, cheaper
  • Carefully study the resume’s and cover letters for experience and make a shortlist of candidates who fit your profile. Take into account the quality of writing, as well as the confidence they give over - as this would be the person handling your duties. Summarise their fit to the role and identify questions for them
  • Invite them in for an interview. Check if the candidate truly justifies your reasons for shortlisting him/her. You could have the interview in your office or a Cafe for a more relaxed atmosphere, where you can get to know the person better.

Some people have charismatic personalities, others may be humble. Check which personality best suits your nature as well as that of your business. For example, a sales team may benefit from someone who is more enthusiastic, others may look for a down to earth person.

Once you have made a second shortlist of candidates after the first interview, evaluate their IT skills. Give them something to research, and see how well they handle all the necessary software for your work (though they wont always need to be an expert at them).

Finally, it’s time to make an offer. The best way to hire someone for a long-term role is to hire them on trial for a shorter period to see how well they cope with the work pressure and suit your needs. Generally a three month probationary period is ideal. You can take things from there.

How to determine the salary?

The salary you should offer would depend on their experience, formal training, educational background, duties and hours that they need to put in. Generally a PA can be hired for £12 - £25 an hour in addition to the benefits. Remember, your PA would be taking care of most of your business, so you need to keep them motivated (and there is no better motivator than money). Check local newspapers and industry websites for any insights into what is the ‘norm’

What qualifications should you look for?

  • Enough experience in the same/varied capacity, as per your job profile
  • Educational qualifications
  • Computer and Internet literacy
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Organisational skills
  • Personality

What are the benefits of hiring a PA?

The most important benefit a PA is brings is enabling you to get on efficiently with your job secure in the knowledge that the details are being properly looked after. They may also become a trusted confidant and friend. Choose wisely.

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