When you are holding or attending a meeting it is important to be aware of the general etiquette which surrounds Meeting etiquette these events. Its quite tricky to get right and getting etiquette wrong can leave people with the wrong impression.

Here are some useful tips:

Meet and greet – it is important to put people at ease when they arrive, you can show an interest in them by asking if they have had a good journey. This lets people talk and express themselves before you get down to business.

Names count – ensure you remember people’s names, this can be difficult but a great aide memoire is to use their name as often as possible every time you speak to them on first contact eg.
“Linda, nice to meet you.”
“Linda please take a seat.”
“We spoke on the phone, didn’t we Linda ?”

Timekeeping - Meeting rooms in Kings Cross are easy to get to by train tube or bus so there’s no excuse for being late, punctual people tend to be more successful.

Interrupt – if you need to interrupt somebody or contradict them, do this in an easy manner rather than embarrass them in front of others eg. It is better to say “I agree that you have a point John, but the need to complete the order outweighs the risk of delay.” Rather than “John you are wrong.”

Tea and coffee rituals – even cheap meeting rooms in London need to have ample tea and coffee provided so that people can keep refreshed and also carry out the tea and coffee break ritual of bringing cups of tea/coffee in for their colleagues.

Smile – if you make sure you smile on arrival or when meeting people you’ll give a good impression, and although conference facilities in central London are hardly a laugh a minute, a smile will go a long way.

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