Never underestimate the importance of the right meeting room venue for your interview, Your venue is a reflection Conducting a successful interviewof you and your organization. It is often a good idea to visit the venue before confirming to make sure it meets all your requirements.

The meeting room must be clean and discrete and easy to get to, remember an off site interview is often easier for candidates who would rather their current employer is not aware they are going for another position.

The interviewers

The interview panel should be at least 2 people, and often a meeting before the interview date will help the panel have a clear picture of the kind of candidate you are seeking.

Ensure the panel all have a copy of the candidate’s CV to review before the interview, this will help prepare questions suitable for each individual, as well as the standard questions you will ask every candidate. Showing that you are well prepared will also help to sell your organization to the candidate, remember an interview is always a 2 way street.

The big day

Remember, many candidates will be very nervous, so always start with an introduction of yourself, introduce the interview panel and give a little information about the your organization and the vacant position. Before getting down to the serious questions an informal chat will help to break the ice and also calm everyone’s nerves.

Note taking

Plenty of notes on the interview will help with your subsequent evaluation of the candidate’s performance. Frequent pauses while you write will give both the panel and the candidate time to assess the progress of the interview.


Draw the interview to a close by asking the interviewee if they have any questions, make sure you have covered everything you need to and finish thing off with another short informal chat, remember to thank every candidate for their time. Also, don’t forget to leave enough time between each candidate to allow the panel to have a very brief discussion there and then.

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