Face to face meetings are often the most productive and quickest way to carry out and conclude successful business The art of negotiation negotiations. There is nothing to beat the traditional meeting to build mutual confidence, ensure that your customer of supplier understands your needs.

However many people find handling business negotiations in a meeting difficulty, here are some tips for you to get the best out of negotiations during your meeting room hire

Use “active listening” techniques.

Active listening is showing that you are interested and paying attention to what another person is saying. In a conversation between two people this often comes out naturally as the little nods, “ahems” and smiles which we throw in by instinct when listening to somebody who is talking. However when you are using our London meeting rooms you will be sitting with various other people, so remember that even though you might feel part of a group you should still subtly

Summarising and Paraphrasing.

Although the meeting you are attending and the conversations you are having might be one of many for you – perhaps even just another day at work – you must remember that they are critical for the people you are negotiating with. To underline your interest during your event at our meeting rooms in London, consider summarising or paraphrasing what your opposite number has said. This not only shows you have been paying attention but also helps to draw that part of the conversation to an effective close without the other person rambling on too much.

Show empathy.

No empathy is not the same as sympathy – we’re not suggesting you suddenly start mentioning how sorry you feel for people! What we mean is show that you understand although not necessarily agree with what the other person is expressing. Great phrases to use include

“I can see what you mean but ....”

“That’s a good point however you’ll still need to remember that ...”

“That must be frustrating, but of course...”

This makes you appear to be understanding, approachable and reasonable without actually having to concede any points.

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