To be a brilliant project manager is not only about your skills in managing your own work, but also about Woman Project Managermaintaining a good understanding with other team members that are involved in your project. Brilliant project managers always wear a radiant smile and possess good interpersonal skills. Here are a few tips to excel in your role as a project manager:

1. Ask questions. Find answers.

Always ask questions, look for reasons to 'why' you are facing problems, 'what' you can do to improve on it and 'how' you will do it. This applies to all requests and actions. It will help you in understanding your team-mates better and guide you formulating an appropriate response. It will also help you focus on finding solutions to a problem faster.

2. Plan. But don't overdo it.

Good project management is all about organisation and planning, but often people get carried away with too much planning. You need to be thorough in your approach, but don't indulge in too much talking. Procrastination comes easily, but brilliant project managers know how to balance their time spent in consulting others, deciding themselves and acting on it. Having a clear vision before starting a project always helps.

3. Focus on what is important.

Customers are at the forefront of any business. They may be direct or hidden, but you need to build a project around their expectations. So research, interview or discuss, but listen effectively to what your customers want. Don't hesitate in making changes to your project if it doesn't warrant its merits.

4. Look for the best path.

All project managers run into opinions and demands from different people, but brilliant project managers always manage to walk a tight rope and find the best way forward. Also, they do it by not overlooking any party involved and instead find a solution that caters to all the problems, but without compromising on the integrity of the project itself.

5. Lead by example.

Brilliant project managers are also excellent leaders. They know how to view people on their team as allies and focus their energies towards one common cause. They value openness and honesty, which is reflected in others on their team. It encourages others to feel welcome, be more willing and creative in their approach.

6. Always be ready for anything.

Project Management also involves patience and a calm attitude with an ability to adapt to any challenges. Always find out facts before you assume anything, and even then you need to stay alert for any surprises. Even the best laid out plans are prone to failure, the trick is not to lose heart over such things and readily adapt to carry on with what's important.

7. Be resourceful.

You can never have enough resources in your organisation, that's why you need to have more. If you are looking to be an excellent project manager, you can't do it all on your own. Count on others for your success and being a leader you need to channel their efforts efficiently. Focus on the strengths of individuals in your team and not on their weakness. Respect their individuality and acknowledge their efforts. By doing this, you will be able to motivate them to work beyond their limits and without any pressure. Remember, your team's success is your success.

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