Are you feeling stressed out over something that did or did not happen? Still thinking where to start? These simple Stressed womantips are recommended by experts to reduce stress:

  • Close your eyes and take a long deep slow breath, exhaling through your mouth. Repeat till you feel calmer.
  • Again, you'd need to close your eyes and think of some event or someone that makes you smile. Try focussing your attention on that one person and you'd be enthused with positive vibes.
  • Anxiety that results from stress is actually built up energy. Try doing some physical exercises or push-ups to release this energy and beat stress. You can also try squeezing various parts of your body such as fists, chest, biceps, forearms, calves, butt, etc.
  • You could also reduce stress by exposing your senses of smell to a soothing scent or fragrance. An incense stick or a candle would prove quite relaxing, however even the food in your lunch box could serve the same purpose!
  • Take a break from work and watch a music video on YouTube or put on your headphones and crank up the volume as you sink back in your chair for a few minutes, eyes closed.
  • Go out for a walk in fresh air. It will help you release stress hormones.
  • Chocolate is also a good stress buster. You can eat a bar in a quiet moment at work.
  • Another good trick to get the better of stress is to avoid it altogether. Here are some more tips that you can follow to ensure that stress doesn't creep up on you:
  • Exercise regularly. It helps keep your body and mind in good health.
  • Avoid food that causes inflammation like alcohol, dairy products and sugar. Instead eat multi-coloured vegetables so you can get proper nutrients.
  • Prepare a 'to do' list and make it a habit of writing your priorities down on a piece of paper. It will keep you focussed and reduce mental work load.
  • Always eat a filling breakfast. If you are on an empty stomach, nothing you do would make sense and you'd be stressed even more. Muffins, smoothies, wraps, cereal – there is plenty to choose from!

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