If possible, before the meeting obtain the agenda and minutes from previous meetings.Taking minutes in a meeting

  1. It is essential you ensure you also have the agenda for the meeting you are taking the minutes for.
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  3. Arrive a few minutes early and try and make sure you get a seat near to the person chairing the meeting.
  4. A Dictaphone type recorder may help to get all the detail you need, remember some meetings can move at a fast pace.
  5. you don’t need to write down everything said, but make sure you record the points discussed in the order they were discussed.
  6. If a vote is taken on any of the points discussed, make sure you write down the outcome of the vote, whether it was a show of hands or some other type of vote, and whether the decision was unanimous or not.
  7. Remember to distribute the minutes promptly to everyone who needs a copy, it is essential to do this as soon as possible.
  8. Many people who were at the meeting will have other pressing commitments and may not remember what happened in the meeting.
  9. Many people will only take action on points that have been agreed when they receive their copy of the minutes.

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