Offices of the present day are a long way removed from their counterparts portrayed in TV series like Mad Men. Online and Mobile tools

At a time when people are environmentally conscious and technology savvy, the whole paradigm of work has shifted from an office in closed quarters to one that is much more mobile.

Most of us are 'available for work' if not actually 'working' outside our scheduled hours of work.

What this means is that we have to be ready for any eventuality and have constant access to work related stuff, where ever we are – on the street, in our homes in a different office on a different work terminal. Driven by a desire to stay connected anywhere, here are 10 free online tools you must have:

Google Drive

Easily one of the most essential office utilities, right after Microsoft Office. You can upload your documents here with 5GB of free space, view and edit them, use the calendar to make plans and keep track of your appointments and also share them with anyone else allowing them to make changes and view them in real time. And now, you can also download the software on your PC and use it to drag and drop your files just like Dropbox. In fact generally Google Tools including Google Docs have a lot to offer in the way of free business tools


One of the earliest and most popular online cloud storage services, download and install it on all computers of your network and invite others to join in through email. You can drag and drop your files in here or keep saving them directly and they are updated in real time. Easy to use and almost everyone else is using it. Ideal when you have to share videos and pictures as you can get free storage space for people you invite to use it.

Have you been bogged down by not having access to Photoshop everywhere? Well, Pixlr may not be as awesome as the costly Adobe software, but when push comes to shove, it does the job amicably. You can download the app on your tablet or mobile phone or just access it over your browser. Will save you so much time and trouble to run to that work terminal with Photoshop!

How many times have we been baffled by those tricky San Serifs and Helveticas? Well, this site offers you an easy solution to find the font used (or closest to it) with 150,000 fonts in its library. It's easy to use too – Just upload a picture of the font or enter the URL and be amazed!

Google Translate App for mobiles and tablets

If you are wondering why I have mentioned it as an essential when you can easily use it on your browser, there are two reasons – Voice and Picture. Yes it can translate in real time what someone says or a picture of a sign you come across in some other language. Still in the development phase though with additional support for languages, but works surprisingly well with all European languages as of now.


If you are like my dad and not using it already, you really need to catch up to the world. Skype offers not only video calling, but video calling on the go. Stay connected to your contacts anywhere with Skype App available for mobiles and tablets.


A remote desktop access app that you can use to access your PC from anywhere with your mobile or tablet. How often are we working on our laptop and forget it at home and have to rush back to get that one file? Now you can access that file from anywhere. Additionally, you can use your mobile or tablet as a remote control for your PC screen or any other screens connected to it, say in an office presentation.

Have you been trying to draw shapes in Microsoft Powerpoint? Use Lucidchart. It's a diagramming tool that lets you create flowcharts for those presentations and can be integrated with Google Drive so you can directly access your documents, edit them in Lucidchart and save them back to your Google Drive, without the hassle of downloading anything on your PC or Tablet.

Not exactly a replacement for Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro, but very handy. It's a cloud based collaborative video editor that you can use to edit your film with friends. Just upload the videos and ask that editor friend of yours to have a look after you have initially edited it yourself or just pick from one of the pre-designed filters, much like Instagram for videos. Ideal for when you want that quick presentation clip done.

A cloud based audio editor for people who love editing on the go. No need for downloads and much like GarageBand, it lets you edit audio clips in detail and also has pre-set filters and effects you can use. Makes it so much easy to edit that quick sound bite or voice over without any professional help.

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