Yes, we all love well groomed stallions and brushed up poodles. But, when it comes to impressing your boss, things Boost Creativity at Workdon't need to come down to this. Here we will discuss some sure-shot ways to impress your boss, professionally.

    Imagine yourself in your bosses shoes

Once you start thinking as your boss, out of respect, you will start thinking rationally about his habits and behaviours. It will allow you to understand them better. Gossip Monger: He is so cheap! He asks us to use both sides of the paper to print. Truth: The boss is probably environment conscious.

    Understanding is the solution

Now that you understand your better, you can be proactive and think of ways that will make their job easier. Try to find solutions to problems that might arise in future. Like in the above example, you could suggest more ways of making the office more environmentally friendly. How about suggesting to get a dishwasher in the kitchen so people stop wasting water every time they clean dishes individually?

    Be the go to guy

Once you start dishing out ideas, your boss will take notice of your work. They will come to you for suggestions, ask you to pitch in meetings and have more work for you. This is where it gets a little tough, but if you are really after the bigger pay-cheque, then dig in your heels and get to work. Put in some extra effort and work that extra bit hard to please your boss.

    With great powers come greater responsibility

Be ready for more responsibility and even more work. Now that you are the boss' henchman don't let it get to your head. Think clearly and be respectful of others. You can't play favourites in office and expect to be liked. Try to help out your colleagues and be humble. It will highlight your generous and helpful nature to your boss!

    Charm your way in everyone's hearts

Cheesy as it sounds, it's still true. To be truly considered as charismatic, you need to win over not only your boss but also other colleagues, some of who might be competing against you for that position. Be the confident, likeable guy. No body likes a wimp!

    Be a true leader

Being a leader doesn't mean jumping in at every opportunity to take the credit. Instead, volunteer for work where you think you could help out a colleague, share in blame as part of the team even when it wasn't your fault and keep it secret. Remember that to be a leader, you need to be a better team player first.

Remember that to impress your boss, you'll need to help them put up a good impression in front of others. Never criticise your boss or talk bad about them behind their back. Make 'boss is always right' your mantra for office life. Sometimes people are stuck with a boss who they can't ideologically bring themselves to respect. It's always advised to look for a different position in such a case as it hinders their professional growth.

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