Job Interview QuestionsThe internet seems to have plenty to say about what an interviewer should ask a candidate during a job interview. At The Space Centre, we think it might be useful to pay some attention to what the interviewee should ask the panel.

Candidates who progress well through the interview need to be prepared properly with some thought out questions themselves.

1. “Can you tell me why this position is open?” If the role has been created recently its best that the candidate is aware of this. If the post was held by another person previously, did they resign, were they fired?

2. “What is the most challenging part of the role?” Candidates attending an interview at our meeting rooms Kings Cross should make themselves aware of any potential pitfalls.

3. “Describe the main daily tasks involved in this role” How many meetings will have to be attended, what hours will be expected, is flexi time available?

4. “What will be the main targets set during the first week/month” How will success be measured in this position? How regularly will staff appraisal take place?

The Space Centre, in Central London, is a great venue for interviews.

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