PowerPoint which was once an essential for men in suits carrying their laptops to work for presentations is now facing stiff competition from many other ably matched competitors. So why is there a sudden surge in market for PowerPoint spin-offs? Has PowerPoint lost teeth? Or is there some other reason to it? Let's find out.

The answer to above question lies in technology. In the last few years our world has turned around on it's head and there has been a noticeable shift in the perception of mobility. A few years back, laptops were produced to be 'mobile computers for outdoor meetings'.Alternative to PowerPoint

Now they have been taken over by Tablets and Smartphones which are equally capable of performing all the same tasks.

Much like how ruling Governments have to deal with anti-incumbency factor, PowerPoint too needs to show its intent to be a lean-mean-fighting machine!

And while we wait for PowerPoint to do a somersault, here are some alternatives that will even make the real Slim Shady stand up!

1. Keynote

As easy as it's name, keying in your notes will be a breeze with this much adored presentation tool. The app is very easy to use and fully compatible with any of your iP devices (iPad, iPod, iPhone). You can create presentations merely by tapping your fingers and gliding them across it. Also, you can use Keynote to view your presentation in full screen on some other device. And it doesn't stop there! You can use the clock and timer to pace yourself, previewing (for your eyes only) the presentation while the other eyes remain fixated on the big screen.

You can also record in your voice with the presentation if you don't want to attend some meeting. For an additional; 0.99 you also get an option to buy 'Keynote Remote' which can turn your device into a wireless controller!

2. Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck has slowly creeped up to be in every Tech hobbyist's 'must have' list. It takes very little effort to transform your dull, put-to-sleep ideas into some eye-catching pieces of art with this tool. Allowing you to import pictures from your device's image libraries, it's camera and also from countless number of free to use licensed images from Creative Commons, Haiku Deck marches ahead of it's competition. Did I hear the 'share' word? Yes, you can even share your presentation decks via Twitter, Facebook or email! The only drawback is that it doesn't let you use sounds, animations or transition effects. But hey, who is keeping scores when it doesn't cost you dime! The app is free, additional themes can be purchased from inside the app.

3. Projeqt

So you wanted to include that comment on Facebook in your presentation and here you are googling 'how to take screen shots'. With Projeqt you can easily save yourself a lot of trouble as it brings in non-linear presentation features to the fore. Now you can pull in content from multiple sources into your presentation and in real time! You can even embed your Projeqt presentations anywhere on the web and they will still keep pulling in live fresh content. Say hello to the future of presentations!

4. Perspective

This iPad only app will turn your simple presentation into a spellbinding story. Once you add text to your slides, you will have options to include other elements from charts to PDFs and turn them into animations to emphasise a point on the slide. But still at a $50 price tag, Perspective will not allow you to embed videos or sounds, other than your self-recorded voice over. Maybe the folks at Pixxa take their story telling too literally!

5. Prezi

Yes, I have saved it for the last and yes, I may be a little biased here to say that this is one of my favourite presentation tools! Imagine a giant white canvas. Now think of you as an artist who is at work designing a masterpiece. Add text, add charts, add elements, add sounds, add videos, add images....change perspective, rotate the frames....and when you are done, create a path to link them all! That's Prezi for you – simple to use for a novice and potentially challenging for the more experienced users. Perhaps you will be only limited by your own vision. Here's the bonus bit – Prezi is cloud based and can be accessed over any browser, or through it's app for iPad and iPhone. The Android version of the app is also rumoured to be out very soon.

Let us know if you have tried out some other PowerPoint alternative that you think deserves to be on our list. Keep chic!

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