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If you are new to the UK or new to job interviews in general, getting through your first one can be a big challenge. There are lots of unwritten rules about what you should say, what you should do and how you should present yourself....

As a meeting attendee, it is good practice to take notes about the important things that happen in a meeting – whether by pen and paper or laptop.In more formal meetings there is usually someone (typically a secretary or PA)

PowerPoint which was once an essential for men in suits carrying their laptops to work for presentations is now facing stiff competition from many other ably matched competitors...

Since its release way back in 1987 (which is the Stone Age as far as computing technology goes !) Microsoft PowerPoint has been a staple of business meetings, training sessions, and conferences – but does it really matter if you use PowerPoint when you visit our conference centre in London?

Many people see online training courses as a cheaper and more convenient alternative to traditional learning methods. But when it comes to adult training, is e-learning still a preferred option?

Yes, we all love well groomed stallions and brushed up poodles. But, when it comes to impressing your boss, things don't need to come down to this. Here we will discuss some sure-shot ways to impress your boss, professionally.

Office managers are the lifeline of any workplace. They facilitate a healthy working environment in the office and a good working relationship with the clients and suppliers. 

Whether you want to accept it or not, fear of speaking in a meeting is shared by most people. According to Mark Twain, there are only two kinds of speakers – those who are nervous or those who lie about it.

Organising a meeting is not only about scheduling time and resources, but also bringing together a mix of personalities in a single room. A few of them may seem shy or not interested, whereas others may seem over-zealous.

Twenty years ago, if someone had mentioned working from home to their bosses, they would probably have received an earful about their job prospects with ‘at attitude like that.

Are you feeling stressed out over something that did or did not happen? Still thinking where to start? These simple tips are recommended by experts to reduce stress...

With “best value” being very much the buzzword of the moment both in the private and public sectors, no matter what type or size of organisation you represent you’ll be keen to your cheap meeting rooms really are value rather than a waste of money.

Creativity is in high demand these days. It doesn't necessarily mean being good at creating graphics or using photoshop to create a flyer, but as a whole it includes working around a problem and expressing oneself to create something better.

To be a brilliant project manager is not only about your skills in managing your own work, but also about maintaining a good understanding with other team members that are involved in your project.

When you're in business it often feels as if there aren't enough hours in the day. Getting better at streamlining your meetings can save you time, keep your business associates happy and lead to better results all round. These five time management tips will help you make a start.

When you are holding or attending a meeting it is important to be aware of the general etiquette which surrounds these events. Its quite tricky to get right and getting etiquette wrong can leave people with the wrong impression.

A corporate meeting planner is as fancy a job as the name suggests. Not much different in what they do from an Event Manager or a Wedding Planner, they are experts in the specific requirements of business meetings.

Organising a seminar may take up most of your time, but publicising it is equally important. You wouldn't want to waste time and money on some empty seats now, will you? Here are a few tips to push your seminar through to the right audience...

In the last article we have talked about running a meeting effectively. So now we are going to look at the other side of it: Participation. How can you be a good participant and make an effective contribution to any meeting? Let’s find out.

Stress and stress related breakdowns are quite a common occurrence, especially the way we lead our lives today.

“If you want to be an orator, first get your great cause” as Wendell Phillips, the famous American lawyer and orator put it. It’s true that anyone can be a speaker, someone who would read from a piece of paper that someone else might have or might not have written to be read.

A project manager is a person who looks after the needs of the client he is representing and ensures that their expectations are fulfilled. They also ensure that the project cycle is completed in the allocated time, to the required quality and using the optimal resources.

Some may think that hiring a PA is a luxury, however, a good PA can help you save precious time and money. You should hire a PA if you think you can’t keep on top of your obligations and you need someone to manage them for you.

Someone once said that a good PA is just a good baby sitter. True or otherwise, the statement does tell you a lot about the job- it’s well paid, requires experience and training, can be messy at times, but will be a bundle of joy if you know how to handle it well.

Face to face meetings are often the most productive and quickest way to carry out and conclude successful business negotiations. There is nothing to beat the traditional meeting to build mutual confidence, ensure that your customer of supplier understands your needs.

The internet seems to have plenty to say about what an interviewer should ask a candidate during a job interview. At the Space Centre, we think it might be useful to pay some attention to what the interviewee should ask the panel.

We’ve all been to meetings where it has been hard to avoid nodding off in the middle as somebody drones on about something which you are really supposed to be concentrating on. Of course you don’t want to be that person boring the whole meeting room to sleep !

If possible, before the meeting obtain the agenda and minutes from previous meetings. It is essential you ensure you also have the agenda for the meeting you are taking the minutes for.

With the rise in short term contracts and freelance working holding interviews is becoming more of an essential job skill for many managers and supervisors and no longer confined just to the HR or Personnel Department, so getting it right is vital.

Never underestimate the importance of the right meeting room venue for your interview, Your venue is a reflection of you and your organization. It is often a good idea to visit the venue before confirming to make sure it meets all your requirements.

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