Booting Staff MoraleNobody likes working in an office where everyone is miserable. Even if nobody admits it, low morale can affect performance and increase staff turnover. How can you improve staff morale? In fact, it is remarkably simple, all that most employees need is to feel that they are valued! 43% say it is lack of recognition that affects their morale most of all, so make the effort to connect with them and you can have a happier and more productive workplace where everyone enjoys their work that bit more.

Take a personal interest
What really makes employees feel valued is the personal touch. This goes beyond just remembering birthdays and the names of their family members. It means taking the time to engage, day to day, so they get little breaks from the norm and feel valued. Getting to know how your workforce think and feel can also help you share out tasks more effectively so everyone is working on something that interests them.

Show them why it matters
In a busy work environment, individual tasks can sometimes feel quite abstract, and distant from the overall progress of the company. Employees need to know that the work they are doing means something. Don’t just show your team the progress charts – talk to them about how things they have done and how they have made a difference. Make sure you let them know straight away when there’s good news. Employee recognition works wonders for motivating staff.

Empower your employees
It might sound counter-intuitive but a lot of people feel happier when they have more responsibility. Staff like to know that their talents and skills are recognised, that they are not just regarded as anonymous office drones. Make sure you give your employees responsibilities for specific tasks and thank them directly when those tasks are accomplished well.

Open up communication
Employees need to know that their ideas are valued as well as their efforts. They sometimes have extremely useful and novel suggestions because they are directly involved in activities which you can only see from a distance. Everyone can benefit when staff are listened to. Let people know that it is safe to report problems and that you will always pay attention.

Open up your office space
When employees are shut away in separate cubicles, there may not be much room for a positive social environment to develop. Opening up the office space– literally breaking down barriers – helps to get people talking to each other, and far from wasting time, this will lift everyone’s spirits and improve employee motivation. It will also make the office physically brighter, which always helps to improve employee creativity, productivity and morale.

Treat your team
These days people are pretty cynical about employee benefits but everybody loves surprises. Bringing in muffins or taking your team out for a round of drinks at the end of the day lets people know you care – even if they choose not to partake. It’s also an effective technique because it’s not just about the people getting the best results – it means everybody gets a morale boost