The end of year is near with the season of seasons, Christmas just round the corner. From Regent Street to Covent Christmas at workGarden, there’s a spring in everyone's steps. The weather is behaving for now, though all would be hoping that it turns white when they are tucked under a blanket watching Christmas specials with their families.

But before everyone goes off on the winter break, you'll have a chance to let your hair down at your office's Christmas party; which is a good opportunity for you to socialise with your work colleagues, have a few drinks and embarrass yourself!

Let's be honest here, we have all either done something silly or been a witness to it.

The internet is full of such incidences where people come out to discuss their exploits and how they have haunted them for an entire year.... till someone else ends up doing something silly at the next Christmas party!

To help you get through this year's Christmas party unscathed, here are a few things you should watch out for:

1- The Dress: Yes, the Christmas party is going to be a gala affair, but remember there would be a free bar. When you mix people with drinks, fancy shiny dresses don't really go down well. Nancy who had been working for only 3 months says that she managed to split her white, silk dress from hem to her back, “exposing my bum” to her work colleagues.

2- The Booze: Owing a little to primal instincts and more to our meagre pay cheques, we have all at some time in our life tried to drink the management out of their money at a free bar. People have done all sorts of crazy things after getting loaded on booze, right from dancing around with lampshades to flirting with boss's wife!

Another young lady recounts on one internet forum how she broke away from the circle where all colleagues were dancing hand in hand to pull up someone's husband in the centre shouting "Let's get this party started..!!”

3- The Gift: If you are thinking that there is no way someone could embarrass themselves with gifts, you should learn from Lindsey's experience. She and her friend from work promised to share their Secret Santa gifts with each other.

However, she had to quickly excuse herself to go the bar once she found out that he had received “a tube of chocolate body paint and whipped cream” and she had a “maids outfit from ann summers.”

4- The Date: Even if you watch your every step carefully, nobody's stopping your colleagues from judging whoever it is that you have brought with you. George from USA was left embarrassed when his date “ended up getting really loud and making off-colour jokes.”

5- The Green eyed monster: Well, it's still an office party, isn't it? So why should it be away from office politics? Be on the lookout for jealous bosses and co-workers who will spare no chance to humiliate you later on.

Elijah recounts how he won the best performer award at the party and later on was rated very low during staff performance appraisals by his boss who was also competing for the prize at the party. Elijah says, “He rated me very low saying that I can only perform at parties.”

These are just a few of the many reasons how people embarrass themselves at office Christmas parties. If you are going to be drinking at your office party, make sure you have a confidant there to look out for you. They can pull you out and get you sober with a cup of coffee if you are a little too tipsy, and you can return them the favour.

Can you think of any other ways how you ended up embarrassing yourself that we can add to the list? Do tell us.

*All names have been changed to respect privacy of individuals.

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