Communication lies at the core of any business or work: you need to communicate effectively not only with your clients and customers, but also with your colleagues.Communication at work

If there is a gap in communication, it can adversely affect staff morale and productivity. You should make sure that proper communication channels are always open for anyone and everyone.


1. Hold regular briefings with your staff. These meetings don’t need to be long or lengthy, but they are necessary in communicating with the staff. It is so much better than emailing them ‘what to do’ as you can talk with them face to face and exchange opinions. It also boosts employee confidence when you consider their views in front of others. [Here an article you might find useful: Being a brilliant project manager in 7 tips].


2. Make sure that there is always someone available to listen to your employees. Be it an immediate supervisor or an HR person, when the employees get to talk to someone at work, they feel valued as a part of the company.


3. Even though people are working in the same office and sitting next to each other, they probably communicate over emails. Cutting down on Internet chatter and actually going to a person in the next room to talk is another good way to improve communication.


4. If you are in a senior position, you might want to stop relying on your assistant too much to send out memos and once in a while write your own memo. Your own words will make it just more personal for your employees!


5. Don’t discourage chatter at work and trust your employees. People often make the mistake of singling out others who talk more as disturbing to the workplace environment. However, there needs to be some sort of friendliness at work, where people can be free to talk to each other rather than being locked deep inside their computers.. This creates a healthy work environment with smiling faces that don’t look like they are working in a Chinese sweatshop!


6. Concentrate on building a team rather than recruiting employees. You could do this by respecting differences in culture and opinions. It’s good to have own opinion on topics as long as it doesn’t meddle with work. You could also hire a team-building expert to come in and conduct a workshop at your premises. [Don't miss this article: 5 ways for managers to boost employee creativity].


7. Give proper feedback to your employees. Encourage them to strive harder and do better. Given negative feedback clearly and allow for a right fo reply. You should trust in your employees to do the job once you have hired them. All you need to do is give them the tools to do the job right and motivate them from time to time.

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