It's no secret that by keeping office stress low, you can increase productivity at work. Happier staff is more productive and more present, both physically and mentally.

Nowadays, even big companies are doing something unique to improve their employees' well-being. We have hand-picked some of these amazing ideas for you to consider.


  1. Employees of the Internet giant Google can keep fit by using the on-site gym or swimming pools. These uniquely designed narrow pools are fitted with electric water pumps that provide a strong current, allowing people to swim against the current for some challenging exercise!

  1. Another advantage of working for Google is that you get facilities like on-site hair salon and on-site laundry room, along with FREE FOOD...all of it!

  1. To reduce the average number of sick days per employee to 2.5 per year (the industry average of around 6), Adidas management decided to implement on-site doctor's surgery and physiotherapy services. Also, they take great care in providing healthy eating options in the staff canteen!

  1. Random House: This book publisher has fitness as a key part of the company policy. As such, yoga and pilates classes are offered on-site, along with a number of other sport options that the employees can choose to join.

  1. The online fashion retailer ASOS gives all the employees a birthday day off! In addition to it, during summers all ASOS staff finish work at 3pm on Fridays and also get perks like discounts on cinema tickets, iPads and spa vouchers.

  1. Google: Yes, they created so many ideas to keep their employees happy that we had to mention them again! This time for the famous '20 percent time' program which resulted in products such as Gmail and Adsense. Google allows its employees to devote 20 percent time from their work week to pursue projects and experiment with their own ideas that are unrelated to their usual workload. Now that's what we call innovative management!

  1. Deloitte: The professional services company recognises the fact that to improve employee lifestyle and wellness, they need to balance the employees' immediate needs while considering their long-term aspirations. For this purpose, Deloitte offers its employees 3 to 6 months of partially paid leave so that they can volunteer or pursue some career-enhancing opportunity. Deloitte believes that this helps their employees get refreshed with renewed vigour, which in turn increases their creativity, effectiveness and productivity.

  1. Unilever: They believe in supporting their employees by fulfilling their ambitions by giving them opportunities to work in a healthy and productive work place. Through their 'agile working scheme', Unilever offers perks like flexible hours, extended leaves plus career breaks and a longer maternity leave.

It's clear that we are seeing a change in management style for the IT generation as work is no longer limited to the office space. People are more eager to maintain a proper work-life balance which prompts for innovative management ideas.

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