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Nobody likes working in an office where everyone is miserable. Even if nobody admits it, low morale can affect performance and increase staff turnover. How can you improve staff morale? In fact, it is remarkably simple, all that most employees need is to feel that they are valued! 43% say it is lack of recognition that affects their morale most of all, so make the effort to connect with them and you can have a happier and more productive workplace where everyone enjoys their work that bit more.

It seems there are a lot of bad bosses in Britain - and they might be getting worse. A 2013 study by content specialist Video Arts has asked employees whom they'd least like to work for.

We have all been through the torrid times of school when in some way or other we were directly involved or felt the consequences of bullying. However, once we grow out of that phase and after we have wrestled our way through college degrees...

Earlier I was reading a Huffington Post article that talked about a study by Randstad US showing that women believe flexibility and adaptability are the two skills they need to succeed in the workplace.