Ushape room Layout

Planning and organising a successful meeting requires you to plan ahead for every single thing, including a proper
ventilation, adequate audio-visual equipment (with power cords), desired lighting, access to parking and an easy access to rest rooms.


While the above are important, you shouldn't forget about the seating plan. When you are browsing through your list of meeting room options, you will come across different sizes of meeting rooms. Depending on it's size, only some particular types of seating plans will work properly in that meeting room. Ideally, you should know which seating plan you will have for the meeting before finalising on your meeting room.


Boardroom style with tables

Boardroom style has a single block of tables that are arranged in V shaped rows and surrounded by (usually up to 4) chairs. This style of arrangement is preferred for formal meetings and seminars where people can interact with each other face to face and discuss or debate things.


U-Shape tables

As the name suggests, chairs and tables are placed in a U shaped arrangement. This arrangement style is ideal when making Audio/Visual presentations as the projector can be placed in between the arranged tables to project on a screen at the open end of the U, near the speaker. The speaker can lead the discussion with the presentation and easily interact with other attendees.


Circle of chairs

The chairs are usually arranged in a circle, without any tables. It's ideal for sitting down and discussing things rather informally, when the attendees are not inclined to take any notes.


Exam Style

The tables and chairs are arranged much akin to a classroom examination arrangement. There is an aisle for people to walk to their seats. This arrangement is preferred for workshops where individuals need space to work or for formal working meetings.


Theatre Style

This style of arrangement is only possible in larger rooms and halls. Chairs are arranged in straight rows to face the front of the room, usually with aisles in between. The entire room space is optimally utilised to present to a large number of delegates at the same time. The chairman or directors can sit in front to address them.


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At The Space Centre, we have facilities to accommodate all of the above seating styles.

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