There’s all sorts of reasons why you might be looking at ‘going virtual’ for your organisation – cost, convenience and Virtual Office, important rules to followflexibility are the main ones. No matter what business you are in or however big or small your organisation here are some rules for taking the leap and going virtual:

1. Clear delegation prevents frustration.

Whether you are in a partnership with just one other person or you are part of a multinational blue chip company make sure you delegate specific tasks to people with clear outlines. This aids teamwork and spreads the work evenly and efficiently.

2. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and Jane a dull girl.

To avoid the relentless exhaustion that living in the 24/7 virtual world brings make sure you establish core working hours and stick to them. Many studies show that the longer you work the more your productivity and accuracy decline. Calling people into your London meeting rooms during core hours will ensure others are available to take calls, emails and enquiries without jeopardising your company’s image.

3. Meet Face-to-Face and from place-to-place.

Nothing beats human contact for team cohesion, building a client relationship so make an effort to meet face-to-face, as often as is feasible. Twitter, Skype, Google, or Facebook can help considerably, but these are not perfect solutions. Ensure you establish some set locations to meet up, there are all sorts of cheap meeting rooms available that don’t cost the earth, so look around and settle on some that suit you.

4. Keep Your Computer out of your Bedroom.

You don’t let a child stay up all night on the computer do you ? Of course not – they’ll be tired in the morning and do badly at school. The same applies to you so hold off on those late web searches for meeting rooms for rent and early hours emails, they can wait until the morning. Avoid confusing Virtual with All night!

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