To hold a successful business meeting you’ll have to consider not just the agenda and the delegates but also the Organize your meetingarrangement of the furniture in the meeting room. You’ll need to consider what the purpose of the meeting is and arrange everything to ensure the right environment is achieved. A well arranged meeting room can ensure that the delegates interact well and there is a successful outcome.

Here are some tips on how to arrange a hired meeting room.

1. Plan your room layout according to the purpose of the meeting.
For a discussion type meeting, consider using an around the table seating commonly called “boardroom style” so each delegate can see everyone else. For an informal discussion or team talk consider one of our small meeting rooms in London set out in a circle of chairs without tables.

2. Just like a great wedding you’ll need to plan who sits where in order to have a great meeting.
You’ll need to plan the seating arrangements for your delegates – avoid sitting close colleagues together as they’ll be tempted to chat to each other rather than be involved in the group. Consider seating people from different departments next to each other therefore giving them a rare chance to interact and exchange ideas.

3. Make sure you’ve got good access to those essential business lubricant of tea, coffee and refreshments.
If you visit our meeting rooms in London you’ll find all these things within easy reach thus ensuring that your delegates feel welcome and at ease.

4. Arrive early.
get to the meeting room early to make sure you are ready to welcome your delegates and seat them correctly (we all like to sit in the first chair we come to !).

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