How do you reach out to your potential target market with the set of services you have to offer? Here is one simple Organising your own seminar answer: organise a seminar. You can get started off by organising a small seminar with a select group of people and then depending on its success organise more, with an open guest list.

Here is how to go about organising your own seminar presentation:

1- Decide on what you what you want to say and how.

2- After you have decided on the topic, you would need to plan a guest list. Look up in your contacts book for people that would be interested in this new pitch. Make it a special event by making it available exclusively through passes. Send out a few extra passes to people you think who might know someone else that would be interested in your proposition.

3- Once the number of guests is determined, choose a venue that would suit your needs. A professional meeting room venue like ours is a good place for this as we provide you with all the necessary equipment to go about your business.

4- Send out the actual invites to your guest list. They can be sent online or in post, depending on the type of event. Ideally, you would like to give your guests ample time to fit it in their schedule. 30-40 days before the event is the ideal time.

5- Decide on the snack or lunch menu. You may also offer breakfast if you are starting early. Some venues even offer in-house catering services.

6- Prepare your presentation material. Using software like Powerpoint or Prezi is ideal for this. Keep it simple and precise. Humour is a good way to go about this. You might also want to give them a few handouts or email them a copy of the presentation later after the event is over.

7- Before the event, check for the attendees and prepare a sign-in sheet as well as name tags for the participants.

8- Make sure you have the seminar material set on the tables on the day, along with a bottle of water. You should also provide for a notepad and a pen, preferably with your organisation's logo.

9- Make sure you or a member of staff (or hired help) is present at the venue on the day, and before the first guest arrives.

10- Ask for guest feedback by email a day after the seminar. Learn what you could have done better and improve on it before you organise your next seminar.

11- If you are looking to book a friendly meeting place for your next seminar, give us a call and we would help you out.

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