Organizing a meeting requires a lot of meticulous planning and phone calls on your part.

Apart from already mentioned steps that you need to take (Read: Free Tips and Checklist for Planning a Successful Meeting ), you will need to consider the health and safety issues as well. Here are a few points to remember:

The Venue

Before deciding on the venue, check if it is compliable with up to date safety standards.

  • It is safe in case of fire.
  • It is safe in case of a natural disaster.
  • It is compliant with the latest electrical safety regulations.
  • There is enough personal protective equipment in place in case of an emergency.
  • There are enough first aid kits available.

The personnel

  • You would also need to consider the personal health and safety for meeting attendees.
  • Check with them before hand if they need any special care or attention.
  • Check with them for any allergies that may have or food preferences.
  • Depending on the status of your attendees, you might also need to hire personal security escorts.
  • Ask them to fill out their emergency contact information and keep it handy for just in case.

On the day

When on the day of the meeting, you should do a quick check of the place.

  • Check for proper air conditioning and ventilation.
  • Check that there is no overcrowding.
  • Check that there is free drinking water access for everyone.
  • Give a quick roundup of fire safety and emergency measures to all attendees, mentioning the gathering point for a headcount in case of a disaster.

Apart from sorting out the above points, you might also need to seek permission or special medical cover if the meeting is a big event that is going to attract a large number of people or is an overnight event or if it is held in a remote location where access to a hospital may be difficult.

Also make sure that you have necessary insurance in place and have a written plan of action to follow in case of an emergency.

This sounds a lot but most professional meeting locations will tick the box on most of these points as a matter of course. If you’re unsure always ask.

Have a great meeting!

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