If you are looking for meeting rooms for hire, London has lots of choice but whoever you are meeting you should remember to carry out some basic checks before you commit the event to your online calendar (or diary, remember them?)checklist beofre the meeting

    1. Price. Cheap meeting rooms are often not the bargain that they initially seem, so check the bottom price includes everything you need and you’re not going to be stung for something which was added to the bill. Look for all inclusive deals because small items like tea, coffee, wireless internet etc, can all add up.

    2. Location. You’ll be surprised how difficult it is for visitors to London to navigate the underground, especially if they have just had a long journey, so make sure you arrange your London meeting rooms at an easy to find place. Good spots are close to main train stations (especially if they appear on the Monopoly board !).

    3. Access. For your attendees coming to the meeting they’ll find the place easily if you have chosen a good location, so make sure access is ok for them. For those visiting the meeting room in London might be a big city but make sure you organise a meeting venue that they won’t feel embarrassed to use – nobody with like having to use a service lift or back door just because they are disabled. Meeting rooms for rent all on the ground floor are preferable for most people.

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