Throughout your career, whenever you are asked to organise space for a presentation, seminar, lecture or gathering, you shouldn’t wait till the last minute to set up the meeting room. Why?

Because even though you might have some chairs and tables, how will you ensure you have created the right ambiance needed for a professional meeting

So unless you want to see the invitees playing musical chairs, with you in the hot seat, start with the arrangements at the earliest.

Where to start?

Organising a proper meeting room can be tough if you don’t know where to start. So, your first task should be to get clarity on the type of meeting room required. You can start by asking questions like:

  • What type of meeting is it? What type of meeting is it
  • What is the aim of the meeting?
  • How many people will be attending?
  • How many speakers will be there?
  • When will the meeting start and how long will it last?
  • What is the size and capacity of the room that would be required?
  • Will any of the attendees need some special equipment for the meeting?
  • Are there any attendees with special needs?
  • Will there be any attendees travelling from other cities?
  • What is the budget available to make the meeting happen?

Based on the answers to above, you can look for a convenient meeting room location.

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The seating

At The Space Centre we are always happy to help you in arranging your meeting room. However, you should still be familiar with the fundamentals.

Depending on the type of the meeting, you’ll require a different setting of tables. For example, if the meeting is an informal interaction then you might not require tables with every chair as there would be no need to take any notes. Whereas if you were organising a training session, then you might want to opt for chairs with a small attached table.

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The food

Remember the questions above, we told you to ask? Well, they will provide you with the answers whether you need to make catering arrangements or not. For example, if the meeting starts early in the morning, you might want to arrange for some breakfast for the attendees. Similarly, if the meeting is to run for a long duration, then you might want to provide some refreshments during the break.

Additionally, you should take care to ensure that there are a variety of food items on the menu that appeal to everyone. There should be something for the vegetarians, something for the vegans, and something for people with allergies. When you are sending invites to the meeting, you can ask people for their food preference along with any special dietary requirements.

Usually, these are the items that go on the menu:

  • Breakfast/Recess – Variety of cakes, fresh fruits, snacks, different types of tea, coffee, etc.

  • Lunch/Dinner – Meal platters, selection of sandwich, savoury dippers, finger food, fresh fruit, etc.

  • Drinks – Tea, coffee, water, fruit juice, etc.

At The Space Centre we can provide all these type of catering services, with free tea and coffee all day!


The equipment

Depending on the meeting purpose and type, you will need to make arrangements for the required equipment. This can be anything from multimedia and video projectors to conference phones, Wi-Fi enabled laptops and even flip charts! Make sure that you have an appropriate number of equipment ready before the meeting starts.

If there are a large number of attendees, you should make arrangements for microphone (Wired/Hand-held/Tie-clip/Bluetooth wireless) and speaker systems for your speaker and attendees to be audible to everyone across the room.

Also, arrangements should be made beforehand for any teleconference or video recording equipment you might need for the meeting.

The additional stuff

Not to forget, you will also need to get ready the extra stuff like leaflets with meeting agenda, water glasses/bottles, notepads, pens, etc. for all the attendees. If the meeting is to pitch your business to a client, you might also want to have some take-home goodie bags and cupcakes with your company’s logo on top!


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