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Here you will find articles and information about how to set up a successful meeting.

If you are looking for meeting rooms for hire, London has lots of choice but whoever you are meeting you should remember to carry out some basic checks before you commit the event to your online calendar (or diary, remember them ?)

To hold a successful business meeting you’ll have to consider not just the agenda and the delegates but also the arrangement of the furniture in the meeting room. You’ll need to consider what the purpose of the meeting is and arrange everything to ensure the right environment is achieved.

There’s all sorts of reasons why you might be looking at ‘going virtual’ for your organisation – cost, convenience and flexibility are the main ones. No matter what business you are in or however big or small your organisation here are some rules for taking the leap and going virtual...

Planning and organising a successful meeting requires you to plan ahead for every single thing, including a proper ventilation, adequate audio-visual equipment (with power cords), desired lighting, access to parking and an easy access to rest rooms.

Presentations are a part of any business whether they are for meetings or conferences. You have to master the art of presenting yourself to your clients in hopes of getting a new business. A weak presentation on the other hand can turn a favourable business opportunity into a disaster

How do you reach out to your potential target market with the set of services you have to offer? Here is one simple answer: organise a seminar. You can get started off by organising a small seminar with a select group of people and then depending on its success organise more, with an open guest list. 

Organizing a meeting requires a lot of meticulous planning and phone calls on your part. Apart from already mentioned steps that you need to take...

Asking for a pay raise can be a tricky experience, especially when you have never done it before.
It is one of those awkward times when your future depends on it, literally. There are many things running in your mind and you are not sure till the last minute if you are doing the right thing.

How to organise a meeting room? Learn the fundamentals.

Throughout your career, whenever you are asked to organise space for a presentation, seminar, lecture or gathering, you shouldn’t wait till the last minute to set up the meeting room. Why? Because...