Whenever you hire conference facilities, in central London or elsewhere, once the meeting is underway you’ll need Time Managementto make sure things continue to run smoothly. So our meeting room hire team have put together this handy list of tips to keep an eye on during your meeting to make sure everything goes well.

1. Watch the clock I – with a limited amount of time and busy schedules your delegates will want to get the maximum possible done within the time available, so check that people are sticking to the agenda. Off topic issues can always be covered at the end of the session when everything else is included. You don’t need to be a lion tamer to do this, just gently remind people about the next item to give them the hint.

2. Watch the clock II – studies have shown that people’s attention and decision making skills decline with time, so make sure you allocate regular breaks during the meeting so that delegates get a chance to refresh and refocus their thoughts.

3. Write it down – set somebody to take notes or minutes during your meeting so that you have an objective record of what was decided without having to interrupt proceedings. Don’t laugh at the old fashioned pad and pencil – they were here before all of us and no doubt they’ll be here long after we’ve passed on ! However new apps and smart tablets might be your preferred route to note taking in the future.

4.  Everybody likes a smile – although you might not associate meeting rooms for rent being a barrel of laughs, positive body language is always something worth striving for. You might be tired or dealing with complicated negotiations but a smile in the right place is always welcome amongst delegates, and you’ll be surprised how much more work done in a happy environment!

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